This is your chance to step inside the industry to learn media skills from leading industry professionals. All our #findingtalent courses are free, and you don’t need to have any specific qualifications or prior experience. You just need to be 17+ and living in the UK.

We are looking to find and develop the brightest talent – so, come on, step inside…

Column Writing and Mining Ideas

We know the importance of writing funny, honest, incisive copy. It’s requires the ability to generate story ideas, write creatively and overcome writers block! Constantly creating the same high standard again and again and creating new ideas is what column writing is all about. We can show you how to expose yourself to new ideas and write agenda setting material. Tap into your own honesty, sense of humour and life experiences to create funny and engaging column ideas.

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Publishing Content in the Digital World

This course focuses on creating excellent creative content, with workshops and guest speakers teaching core editorial and production skills, with an emphasis on how changes in technology require brands to adapt quickly. This course is delivered in London by leading magazine professionals.

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Audio Storytelling

The ability to tell stories well is key in all aspects of media, particularly in radio. Over two days you will discover why storytelling is important and how you can you use audio more effectively for presenter links, documentaries and audio feature packages. Come and discover why radio is known as the most visual medium!

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Produce & Present (Radio)

Over 2 days you will take a look behind the wonderful world of radio producing and presenting. You’ll learn hands on from one of our most experienced producers / presenters in Bauer Radio what goes into producing a show, the prep, the music, the celebs, the station sound. Then you’ll get input from a presenter, who will share their techniques and skills. This course is packed with useful info on radio producing and presenting that will help you carve out your radio career.

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How to Find and Pitch Brilliant Feature Ideas (Magazines)

Whether you’re after a staff job or want go freelance, the ability to come up with a constant stream of new and brilliant ideas – and successfully pitch them to editors – is crucial. This one-day workshop looks at where to get those elusive ideas, how to develop and research them, how to angle them differently for different publications and how to turn them into fantastic pitches that will catch an editor’s eye.

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Getting the Story Right: Journalism for Today’s World

If you are serious about developing a career in journalism this course is for you. It is for anyone passionate about finding and telling stories, and communicating information to new audiences in new ways. The course focuses on presentation, voice quality, writing, law, interviewing, vox pops and of course using the kit and software. By the end of the course you’ll be part of the team producing a radio news programme.

In addition, we’ll teach you a range of other relevant skills. The course is demanding, intensive and practical but if you are serious about becoming a journalist this is the perfect starting place.

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Working Across Platforms

This is all about selling ideas across print, radio and TV and understanding how to make an idea work effectively for different audiences. We live in a world where traditional media platforms collide, but still ideas are the backbone of all media and our industry experts can teach you the skills to be able to operate in all fields. This session includes practical insight into producing and creating your own radio and TV packages and information on the equipment and skills you’ll need to get going

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Faders Down! Show Producing

Show producing, not to be confused with audio producing, can be an on-air or off-air role. It is the show producer’s job to control all elements of a commercial show. This can be anything from the actual link content, to social media, audio editing, interview co-ordination and any other task.

On this course you will find out exactly what a producer does and how important it is to know your audience! You’ll see behind the scenes and find out how to make the most of every show. The most important thing that every presenter must be constantly aware of is keeping content relevant to the stations audience, so we’ll talk about what features are best for what types of shows.

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TV Reporting

Ever wondered how television presenters keep their cool out on location? This session will help you develop the skills and confidence to do pieces to camera and it all takes place at the world famous Edinburgh Festival.

During the course you will learn how to storyboard and tell stories with moving pictures while out and about at the world’s biggest arts festival. It also includes presentation techniques, voice coaching and also some advice on how to write conversational broadcast scripts.

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Content is Key

Over 2 days you will learn how ‘content is Key’ to the output of a radio station. We will provide you with the skills to gathering content for Manchester’s Number 1 radio station – Key 103!

You’ll go on a fantastic journey of discovery, working closely with our award winning news and programmes teams, you’ll live and breathe all that is great about Manchester, we’ll send you out into the city, attending everything Manchester; gigs, festivals, sporting events etc.

If it’s going on in Manchester you will be there gathering interviews, vox pops to be used on air for Key 103, Key 2 & Key 3 as well as our websites.

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Digital Audiences Today and Tomorrow!

The purpose of the course is to provide you with an insight into the digital development of media in the UK, and explain why it is increasingly important for us to engage with audiences across multi platforms/devices. The course will provide you with an overview of historical developments, along with recent examples of excellent creative campaigns.

Social media allows our audience to follow us, engage with us, and share our content further and faster than ever before. It makes it an exciting time to work in media, and importantly, this course doesn’t just look at where we are now, but where we are going next…

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