Our Story

There were different people sitting in different places trying to work out how to create something remarkable; something that would revitalise education and strengthen businesses in new and meaningful ways. Eventually the right paths crossed, and the decision was taken to create something unique. The Bauer Academy was designed to be different. It fills the void that previously existed between education, media and business. In many ways we are the missing link.


Our media and business professionals are at the top of their game. Combined they have expertise across all types of media and all types of organisations. They are multi award winning, with a track record for pushing boundaries in their specialist fields.

And our academics know a thing or two about education. They are obsessive about critical thinking, deep learning, transferable attributes and sticking to values that develop creativity and confidence in all types of learners. When you pull these people together great things happen. A student once called it ‘360 learning’ – we get what he means. We’ve got it covered from all angles. As a result we can offer new learning opportunities for individuals, remarkable training for corporate clients, and innovative cut through services for advertisers.