Bauer Media’s How to Podcast Course

Bauer Media's How to Podcast

From the experts at Absolute Radio, Magic, Empire, Heat, Grazia and, click here for Bauer Media’s guide to launching a successful Podcast.

Our course is designed to help you set your podcast free. That means getting the idea out of your head and into the public eye. We’ll take you from a complete standing start, right up to releasing your first episode and beyond.

What Will You Be Learning?

By the end of this series, you’ll be a published podcaster and ready, plan in hand, to smash out your first 10 episodes. We’ll cover every one of the basics, including:

  1. Defining your Podcast
  2. Setting targets to ensure your time is well spent
  3. Planning episodes
  4. Getting Your Equipment together
  5. Setting Up Your Recording Environment
  6. Publishing your Episode
  7. Getting Listed on the Web
  8. Your first two months of promotion

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