Bauer Academy is a Government-approved Apprenticeship Training Provider. We’re a training provider unlike any other – owned by and operating inside Bauer Media – one of the world’s biggest media businesses.  We work with levy-paying businesses to create bespoke and flexible Apprenticeship Standard programmes.  Our clients include ITV, Reach plc, Sue Ryder, Double Negative and the7stars.  You can download our Bauer Academy Apprenticeship Portfolio

If you’re thinking about how to use your Apprenticeship levy, it’s important to know that Apprenticeship Standards can be used to train and up-skill existing staff, not just new recruits, and best of all, they don’t require additional training budget.

Apprenticeship fundamentals

Apprenticeship Standards (and the Apprenticeship levy) were introduced in 2017, for businesses with an annual salary bill of £3m or more.  The levy (tax) is paid monthly via HMRC and is a set rate of 0.5% of the full payroll bill for employees based in England.

These funds are held in a ‘Digital Apprenticeship Service’ (DAS) account and will expire, on a rolling basis after 24 months.

The funds have to be spent on Apprenticeship Standard training with a Training Provider like the Bauer Academy who are on the register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (the funds cannot be used to fund your Apprentices’ salaries).

Apprenticeships are for existing staff

Apprenticeship Standards can be used to up-skill and re-skill existing staff at any stage of their career. They last a minimum of 12 months.  Each Apprenticeship Standard outlines the knowledge, skills and behaviours that the Apprentice (or learner, as we prefer to call them), will need to demonstrate in order to pass their end point assessment and achieve the Apprenticeship Standard qualification.

How we make Apprenticeships work for businesses and learners

We operate remotely, and across England, with our key learning centres in London, Peterborough and Manchester.   We can also hold training workshops at our clients’ offices.  Our learning cohorts are typically 10-15 learners.

We’ve developed a smart, flexible and collaborative approach to making Apprenticeships work for our clients and learners.

  • Smart

We have a team of smart, industry experts to inspire and motivate our learners.  As our latest Ofsted report states, Bauer Academy tutors and coaches are ‘highly skilled with extensive experience of working inside the media industry’, and leaders and managers are successful in ensuring apprentices benefit from ‘a high-quality learning experience’.

  • Flexible

We know that many businesses find the concept of the 20% ‘off the job’ requirement of Apprenticeships daunting.  It of course require commitment from learners, their line managers and employers, and to help, we’ve created a flexible model, using the term ‘dedicated development time’, or DDT.

Achieving the 20% DDT isn’t as difficult as you might think.  At the start of our programmes, we work with employers to plan this effectively, and it will typically be made up of:

Workshops – single days, shorter sessions or block learning, usually monthly – face to face or remotely

New Projects – putting skills learnt in workshops into practice in the learner’s role and reflecting on these

Post Workshop Assignments –set by our Bauer Academy tutors

Development visits with an assigned Bauer Academy coach

Self-guided learning using our online learning platform to access resources, including videos and podcasts

Attending conferences, webinars and other industry events that are relevant to the programme

End point assessment practice and preparation

  • Collaborative

We work with employers to ensure that our programmes work effectively for their business, people and culture, taking time to get to know the business and its key people. We can help with internal communication campaigns and recruiting/screening learners for our programmes.   We co-create our programmes with employers and no two programmes are the same.

Our Apprenticeships portfolio

Our learners study Apprenticeships from Level 3 – Level 7, in subjects including leadership, content production, digital marketing, storytelling, journalism, broadcast production and sales. Described by Ofsted as having “established a creative and innovative curriculum”, all apprenticeship programmes at the Bauer Academy are dedicated to the development of high-quality skills. This is evident in the 97% pass rate of those whom completed their training with the academy and the Merit or Distinction gradings awarded to 75%* of those learners.

*data correct as at August 2020

Levy Transfers

We were one of the first training providers to undertake a levy-transfer project, where one business can transfer up to 25% of their unspent levy fund to another business or group of learners in order to help them gain new skills. Find out more

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Junior Content Producer Level 3

Digital Marketer Level 3

Team Leader/Supervisor Level 3

Operations/Departmental Manager Level 5

Broadcast Production Assistant Level 3

Sales Executive Level 4

Advertising & Media Executive Level 3

Senior Leaders Master’s Degree Level 7

Journalist Level 5

Media Production Co-ordinator Level 4

Coaching Professional Level 5

Senior Journalist Level 7 

Fundraiser Level 3

Junior Advertising Creative Level 3

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We are proud of our client portfolio that includes ITV, Ogilvy UK, Reach plc, the7stars, Double Negative, Sue Ryder and Immediate Media

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