Community Projects

At The Bauer Academy we have a long history of creating powerful community projects with both private and public funders that engage audiences and change lives.

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Some projects we’re really proud of…

This is Me: Creative London

This is Me: Creative London is a free 10 day, creative industries training course. A unique opportunity for people to step inside one of the world’s biggest and brightest media companies for an exciting training experience. Designed by leading academics and industry professionals, this training has been built to take people places!

This is Me: Creative London has been created to up skill unemployed Londoners aged 16-30, who wish to pursue a career in the creative industries, provides work based learning and support to progress people into jobs and apprenticeships. Training is immersed in Bauer Media, a leading multimedia company, and connects participants to a diverse range of job opportunities.

Throughout the training, participants will develop a range of new skills, network with employers, and learn from leading professionals.

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Merseyside is Bright

‘Merseyside is Bright’ is a preventative initiative from Merseyside Police in partnership with Radio City and The Bauer Academy, which engages young people in a truly ground-breaking way. 

Through a series of media workshops we empower young people to research social issues which may affect them, with a focus on Guns, Gangs and Knives. By creating podcasts, radio commercials, videos and news reports on this subject, we will encourage young people to take pride in their local area and raise their aspirations; building confidence and developing positive behaviours. 

Making Creativity Work

The Academy’s Making Creativity Work project (funded by the European Social Fund) was a large scale project to train unemployed Londoners in creative skills and get them in to work.

It’s approach to industry based training was unique, and delivered amazing feedback, progressions, and strong diversity outcomes.

In total, 1,279 individuals received training with The Bauer Academy and 12 other training partners, with 491 gaining employment as a direct result of the project and 290 qualifications achieved.  Importantly, 65% of participants were from a BAME background, 60% were female and 15% had a learning difficulty or disability.