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Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurialism 1 day course

Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurialism

1 day online course with industry expert tutor

This course focuses on developing creativity and problem-solving skills. It will provide strategies, techniques and tools to enhance creative thinking and approaching challenges in a workplace.


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Kim Gallagher - Programme Lead

"In a rapidly changing global landscape, the ability to creatively problem-solve and innovate is vital to the success and sustainability of organisations, but can be hard to harness."

Programme overview

This workshop focuses on developing key skills to enable learners to develop their own creativity, providing strategies, techniques and tools to develop their problem-solving skills and their approach to challenges faced within the workplace.

Learners will be guided through leading research and insights around creativity, innovation and entrepreneurialism, taking a close look at digital disruption and other drivers of change – both currently and potential future implications – that will require the need for transformational creative problem-solving.

They will explore their own organisations and industries with a view to identifying opportunities for new approaches to organisational practice within their teams, departments and organisations.


In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Critically evaluate the impact of disruptive technology and other drivers of change that challenge traditional business methods.
  • Analyse current research and new insights around innovation & entrepreneurialism, compare and contrast with traditional models and hypothesise as to future implications.
  • Assess the value of different forms of creativity and innovation in different professional practices and leadership contexts
  • Outline the roles and advantages of creative problem-solving strategies, techniques and tools.
  • Identify and implement (or make recommendations) for new or revised organisational practice by applying theoretical insights.
  • Demonstrate effective creative problem-solving skills and generate breakthrough ideas that successfully transform a problem-solving situation or introduce new approaches to organisational practice.
  • Create environment for innovation and creativity within own area of the business, establishing the value of ideas, change initiatives and continuous improvement.

Who is it for?

This workshop is perfect for anyone with big ambitions for their business!

Anyone wanting to lift their head above the horizon to focus on strategy, new product development or new ways of working.

22nd July 2024

10am to 5pm

Remote course

This session is fully interactive, leaning on Bauer Academy’s tried and tested ‘learn and apply’ philosophy.

£350 + VAT per person

Cohorts of up to 12 people

Why Bauer Academy?


We are an award-winning, government-registered training provider and a Centre of Excellence.

Based in industry

We are a part of Bauer Media, one of the world’s largest media businesses with brands such as KISS, Absolute, Grazia and Empire.

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We work with over 60 clients, including BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Tik Tok, and Ogilvy

Join us to elevate your creative thinking!


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