Dedicated Development Time – What Is It?

Throughout this programme, you will develop your skills, knowledge and behaviour in a variety of ways that will contribute to what we call your ‘Dedicated Development Time’. We know that achieving the development time required (20% ‘off the job’) is a challenge, so we use a variety of ways to weave and align your learning to the demands of your role.


Workshops / Boot Camps

  • Face-to-face ‘guided’ learning
  • As often or intensive as required (e.g. a single day monthly or a quarterly three-day boot camp)
  • Workshops establish a ‘community of learning’, encouraging peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.


Online Learning

  • Online e-learning modules directly related to the standard.
  • Often covering more functional development areas.
  • Hop-on, hop-off – you’re in control.
  • Enables more time for the ‘fun’ stuff!


Industry Awareness

  • Job-swaps (learn how other do it in business)
  • Shadowing (those who have the knowledge you want to develop)
  • Work with a mentor over the programme (or part of).
  • Attend related conferences, talks, networking events.
  • Appraise industry news and latest developments.


Other Guided Learning

  • Assignments set by your Tutor
  • Additional resources from you Development Coach to boost your learning.


Self-Guided Learning

  • Any learning activity you wish to undertake in relation to the standard!  e.g an online course, books, podcasts, YouTube etc.


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All of the learning methods counts towards your Dedicated Development Time as long as we work together to evidence your learning.

This evidence can be in the form of a reflective log, a review or report, an appraisal of work undertaken or completed assignments. Think of it as putting your learning into practice!