Elena Angelides

Genevieve Potter - 8th March 2018

Elena discovered the Bauer Academy via @GoThinkBig and applied for our Creative Writing course in November 2017. Elena found the application process  really quick and easy, ‘There were no forms to fill in, and I received a phone call from Nubia at The Bauer Academy who booked me onto the next available programme.’

On first impressions Elena tells us ‘I expected that many of the people on the course would be university graduates and younger the varying age groups added a lot to our group. It was great having different ages and collaborating. We bonded right away!

Whilst on the creative writing course Elena started her own website called Grad Life Crisis. Grad Life Crisis was created to give graduates support at a time that is often confusing, intimidating and overwhelming for them.

Post Making Creativity Work Elena attended The Bauer Academy’s Employability Networking event and a one-day Employability Masterclass taught by Bauer Media’s Rachel Gillet (read more about Elena’s experiance on the employability masterclass here : https://www.gradlifecrisis.com/single-post/2017/12/28/Employability-Lessons-from-the-Bauer-Academy-Tackling-Imposter-Syndrome-with-your-magic-7)

Elena is now employed at a publishing company and she continues to write, raise awareness and debate via Grad Life Crisis.

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Twitter: @GradLifeCrisis

Elena (middle) and her class mates after completing The Bauer Academy Creative Writing course.