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Bauer Academy Journalism and Digital Training in Germany

Bauer Academy is using its expertise across Journalism and Digital to deliver essential training for learners working for the company in Germany.

As part of a four-week programme, Head of Digital, Kieren Puffett, and Head of Journalism, Andrew Greaves, are delivering four sessions across March covering topics such as podcasting, mobile journalism, social media and analytics.

The trainees, who work for a range of Bauer Media’s digital and print publications in Germany including Cosmopolitan, Meins, House of Food and TV Movie, are part of a programme to train the next generation of editors and designers.

Bauer Academy runs a range of successful apprenticeship programmes across various disciplines and were asked to design impactful and practical workshops using the in-house expertise that Bauer Academy has.

Sessions were tailored to the German audience – using country-specific examples – and Bauer Academy’s philosophy of ‘learn and apply’ has been used with learners putting into practice the knowledge and skills to produce content.

Bauer Academy’s programme and design director Simon Long said: “Bauer Academy is delivering series of remote workshops to support Bauer Media’s Journalism School in Germany – an established entry-level talent pipeline for journalists in Hamburg.

“Our colleagues in Hamburg approached Bauer Academy to tap into our digital and multi-platform journalism expertise; Kieran and Andrew have built great, interactive training days to enhance their programme.

This is another example of how our experience and expertise is driving development across our Group.”

The feedback has been good with learners relishing the chance to test out their new found skills in practical exercises.

Editorial Director of the Bauer Media Content Academy in Hamburg, Angela Meier-Jakobsen, said: “The collaboration with the team from Bauer Academy has been extremely helpful und instructive for our team of journalistic trainees in the German branch of Bauer Media.

“’Creative, helpful and innovative’ are just some of the words that the trainees rated the workshops with Andrew and Kieren.

“They started as rookies in mobile journalism, podcasting and Data Analysis and are now skilled with the best basics to think about journalism in different forms, features and channels.”