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Bauer Academy’s Senior Leader level 7 with Digital Strategy

Balancing opportunities and threats of digital technology with our level 7 Senior Leader apprenticeship with digital strategy

The Ever-Changing Landscape of Digital Strategy in Leadership

It’ll be no surprise to anyone to hear that digital plays an increasingly important role in business leadership. Across all industries, digital tools are now accepted as part of day-to-day life, and new technology is being used to analyse project data, communicate strategy, one-to-one interactions and so much more. But as the world of digital technology continues to evolve at speed, how can those in senior leadership ensure that they are embracing the opportunities that digital tools present, whilst also mitigating the threat they may pose? This is a constant challenge for senior leaders who may want to make the most of emerging digital technology, such as AI, but at the same time aren’t sure how to navigate the unique problems it may present to themselves, their people, and the way they do business.

Integrating Digital Strategy into the future of Leadership

So often, workplace digital training  is looked at in isolation, designed to upskill leaders in the usage of particular tools without considering the wider impact that digital has on all areas of leadership. Our level 7 Senior Leader apprenticeship with digital strategy programme is designed to encourage senior leaders to consider digital alongside a breadth of leadership topics, from organisational sustainability and strategy through to cultivating high performing teams and developing collaborative relationships. Whilst early adopters might be the first to embrace emerging trends, are the late majority better able to mitigate risks? How is digital technology challenging experienced leaders to find new approaches for their business’s next generation? Our level 7 Senior Leader apprenticeship with digital strategy provides leaders with a greater understanding of how digital impacts all areas of leadership, so that they can embrace digital into their business with confidence.

Rachel Gillett, Head of Leadership at Bauer Academy

A Senior Leader using Digital Strategy