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L&D Week at Bauer Media

This week (20.03-24.03) is our first Learning and Development (L&D) week-long event of the year, with over 140 places available across multiple sessions.

These sessions cover topics like The Art of Listening with Naomi Eldon, Solutions and Data Journalism with Andrew Greaves, Personal Leadership Brand with Rachel Gillett, Percentages with Caroline Stagg, Advanced Excel, plus a digital dive into the psychology behind virality with Tom Reeves.

In Bauer Media, over 800 people have already self-booked one of our L&D sessions running in the first half of this year, and this number continues to rise daily.

The importance of L&D at Bauer Media emphasises that it is not simply a mandatory box-ticking task but rather a crucial aspect of cultivating a strong learning culture and investing in the growth of individuals both professionally and personally.

“Bauer Academy’s philosophy is simple. Our learn and apply approach creates an environment where experimentation, collaboration, reflection, and application are essential. This approach develops learning cultures where latest thinking is applied in the workflow, and learning communities where people are brought together across organisational boundaries.” Courtnay McLeod, Bauer Academy Director

Almost every week in 2023, at least one L&D session runs within Bauer Media, and over 4,500 total training hours are available, making it our biggest year yet!