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Senior Journalist Apprenticeship Training Programme level 7

Andrew Greaves- Head of Journalism at Bauer Academy

Newsrooms are changing and those who work within them – whether in person or virtually – are having to change with them.

In a country facing a multitude of challenges in a post-Covid, post-Brexit world beset by a cost of living crisis, off-the-scale energy bills and an uncertain economy, the need for well-trained, highly-skilled journalists has never been greater. 

The three core values of the BBC at its inception 100 years ago were ‘inform, educate, entertain’ and those still ring true today, not only for the Beeb but for newsrooms up and down the country. 

The demands of the audience may have changed in terms of how they want to access content and when they do it but ultimately the role of a journalist is to inform, educate and entertain them. 

Not every piece of journalism – be it across print, digital or broadcast – needs to crack open corruption in the highest office; sometimes our audience just wants some escapism and wants to see the top 10 cats that look like Coronation Street characters! 

Bauer Academy has just launched its Level 7 Senior Journalist apprenticeship aimed at creating future newsroom leaders, giving them the knowledge and skills to implement changes in the industry quickly now and in the future. 

The apprenticeship programme, which includes the NCTJ’s senior NQJ qualification, will push learners to think beyond their current working practices, to look to the future of the industry and spot the trends that will help them build their audiences across multiple platforms. 

The 18-month programme will take a deep dive into the issues and challenges facing journalists today and also encourage learners to discover solutions to those challenges.

Learners will undertake a wide range of modules including looking at the changing demands of the newsroom, story sourcing, dealing with breaking news, multi-platform and visual journalism, data journalism, ethics and regulation in action and newsroom leadership.

And Bauer Academy will host a Journalism Summit next summer, bringing together speakers and panellists from across the industry to dissect and discuss the pressing topics and issues.

Head of Journalism Andrew Greaves said: “This is a really exciting programme and comes at a time when the industry is going through so many changes both in terms of how journalists work and what journalists are working on.

“We know that there are going to be challenges – there always are within the media industry – but the Senior Journalist apprenticeship is aimed at equipping those in the newsroom with the skills and knowledge to take on those challenges and find the solutions needed to continue to grow.”