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Unlocking the Potential of Project Managers

The many roles of Project Managers

I’ve always thought of Project Managers as somewhat superhuman! They have to be super-organised, great with people, know how to follow process and hit deadlines on a daily basis. It’s no wonder that a Project Manager is often someone we all ‘go to’ as a font of all knowledge! But many Project Managers have developed their skills instinctively, based on their own organisation and project needs. What they are doing may well be working at the moment, but how well does it work when external parties like paying clients become involved? And what can be done to achieve higher levels of efficiency?

Empowering Project Managers through our Level 4 Apprenticeship

These are the opportunities we embrace on our Project Manager level 4 apprenticeship programme. In this work-based apprenticeship, we introduce learners to industry practices and frameworks, providing Project Managers with a ‘toolkit’ of approaches that are accepted as best practice in multiple organisations and help facilitate external collaboration. Even quick wins such as understanding the Project Management ‘jargon’ can increase both confidence and understanding. But simply understanding Project Manager theory is not enough to make meaningful improvements. Our level 4 apprenticeship encourages learners to use their own projects as case studies, documenting approaches with a mix of trying something new and enhancing their existing work-based practices to improve them further still.

New Skills for the Future of Project Management

In today’s landscape, there is a growing trend for businesses to deliver their strategies through a series of projects, which leads to Project Management Teams being increasingly in demand. Our Level 4 Project Manager apprenticeship programme provides an opportunity to build a wide range of new skills: from stakeholder management, finance and planning through to change management, project leadership and scope. Our innovative teaching methods combined with industry expertise will prepare Project Managers for future challenges.

Rachel Gillett – Head of Leadership

Project managers