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Why Bauer Academy’s work-based learning works

Our Senior Programme Lead, Naomi Eldon spoke to WorkL for Business all about why work-based learning works at Bauer Academy.

At Bauer Academy, we don’t believe in a typical ‘chalk and talk’ approach, and instead favour work-based learning where our people can apply what they’ve learnt directly into their day-to-day roles. We adopt a learn, apply, reflect philosophy that creates learning cultures with people brought together across organisational boundaries.

As a Senior Programme Lead, Naomi joined Bauer Media’s HR department in 2016 and two years later started as a development coach to support tutors with us at Bauer Academy. Since working at Bauer Academy, Naomi has completed an apprenticeship herself, continually up-skilling and implementing her new-found skills in the workplace. Naomi sees the benefits of work-based learning, saying:

“Having done a degree, I can see the value in apprenticeships – you can implement what you’ve learnt immediately in the workplace. It’s a fresh and engaging way to learn.”

We pride ourselves on having industry-based programme leads at Bauer Academy, most of whom have come from senior roles within Bauer Media, and they remain connected to their peers.

A move to Digital Learning

When the pandemic hit and the world of work changed, we were quick to pivot and move to digital learning. During this time, we had a huge uptake in apprentices as people wanted to utlisie their time more doing work-based learning.

“The move has only opened up learning and development more and more to people. Today we are creating a community where people can log on from anywhere in the world and embark on their learning journey. Working with internal people and external employers, we are truly creating a work-based learning community”. Naomi Eldon – Senior Programme Lead

At Bauer Academy, we are constantly innovating our learning practices to meet the needs of our learners and employers. Whilst embracing the move to online learning, we still appreciate the rich conversation to bed had in the office, and the benefits this can bring to the business. In a hybrid working world, we want to ensure our work-based learning works for all.