Laura Foster

Genevieve Potter - 21st September 2017

On my return from traveling around the world, I was filled with mixed emotions and felt happy and sad simultaneously. Without a job I was unsure what my next career move would be. Then I heard an advert on the radio for ‘Making creativity work’ and it was like a light switch turning on in a dark room. I felt excited again with a renewed sense of purpose.

I suddenly found myself heading from my home town of Leicester to London to start the course. I travelled on the tube, trying to get my head around which zone I needed to be in and staring at the map of the underground.  There’s something about London, the buzzing, fascinating, intrigue and it’s oozing with creativity.

I arrived in Covent Garden unsure where I was going, looking for Endeavour house on Shaftesbury Avenue. I began to panic a little, I couldn’t find the building, I was overwhelmed by everything and contemplated heading back to Leicester. Thankfully I found it and after my first successful day, I felt extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to study a short creative course at the Academy.

The workshops were truly engaging, the tutors were passionate and the atmosphere was a good one, vibrant and full of energy. Getting out and about in London and talking about concepts and creating ideas is something I’ll always remember, that ideas can be evoked anywhere and inspiration is everywhere. The course gives you a real insight into the industry and how you can make a living doing something you love. The academy taps into your skill set and pushes your boundaries, makes you believe in yourself and encourages you to be confident in expressing your ideas. To filter your creative thoughts into entrepreneurial thinking.

The course opened my eyes to opportunities I didn’t even know existed. I learnt so much. The best thing the course taught me was to be brave and believe in yourself. Write to companies, ask for jobs that may not even be there.

It worked for me, I managed to get a job that wasn’t advertised. I’m now a CAD designer for a print/packaging company in Nottingham.

I cannot say enough good things about the course and what Bauer Media has to offer. You’ll get the chance to meet a great bunch of like-minded creatives and meet tutors with years of advantageous experience in the industry. Bauer Media Academy is the perfect springboard into knowing how the industry works and how to get involved. Whatever you decide to do, be relentless and never give up.