Lucy Burton

Genevieve Potter - 8th March 2018

Lucy first heard about Bauer Academy through word of mouth Lucy says ‘I was looking for jobs for a while, I have a friend that works at Bauer who told me about The Academy I didn’t think I would hear anything back but to my surprise I did!’

The Bauer Academy sounded promising to me because I wanted to update my skills, I know that I’m creative person but I wanted to know I was a creative thinker. I had done a creative degree but hadn’t worked in the creative fields for about 5 years, and I wanted to meet new people in the industry.’

Lucy started off by attended The Bauer Academy’s Making Creativity Work: Ideas & Content Creation on first impressions Lucy recalls ‘I thought that the program was very well organised. One of my fellow learners and myself originally thought that the course was targeted at a younger age demographic so I was pleasantly surprized, we all shared our unique experiences. Working collaboratively is a key strength of this course.’

The Bauer Academy targets many age groups and demographics as well as skill levels. Lucy saw herself as an intermediate in the creative industries so some of the topics discussed were ‘refreshers’ however she explains ‘Coming up with campaigns, working in radio and understanding timings and how important everything is commercially was great! The commercial aspect helps you when dealing with bigger businesses.’ Lucy credits a lovely mix of tutors and great aftercare from The Bauer Academy team for her experience and sums up her time at The Bauer Academy as Engaging, Innovative and Passionate and FUN!

Since completing The Bauer Academy Ideas & Content creation course Lucy has gone onto take part in our Creative Writing training and attended our workshops & seminars! Lucy is now employed and will continue to Create & Innovate.