Max Schwerdtfeger

Genevieve Potter - 14th September 2017

Making Creativity Work was invaluable to me. I enrolled on the course in July 2017, it had been just over two years since I graduated from university and in that time had had my fair share of short term jobs that were badly paid, if at all.

I wanted something that would give me the confidence to not just apply for the jobs I wanted, but to  do so believing I would get them. I found that and more at the Bauer Academy and have not looked back.

The course was much more intensive than I expected and that’s what I loved about it. You get given clear creative briefs in a big range of formats so that you’re just about guaranteed finding what you’re good at.

For me, it was copywriting. I had an idea, from previous jobs, that advertising is what I wanted to do. Making Creativity Work confirmed that for me – and it did so by giving me an environment where I could hone my skills and present my ideas.

It didn’t matter if I thought I did a bad job at first because I was encouraged at every turn by an amazing and inspirational group who were just as passionate as me. Our tutors pushed us to challenge ourselves with every assignment – be it spending one minute presenting our strengths to the group or getting into teams to come up with a product to make and advertise.

It’s important to point out that at no point were we pitted against each other and there was no unnecessary competitiveness. For those 9 days, we were all a team with the goal of pushing each out of our comfort zones and discovering skills we didn’t know we had. Aside from the creative skills and confidence, I am just as certain I have made friends I will have for many, many years.

I was offered a job shortly after the course’s end and am now an in-house Copywriter at Barclays.  I find it difficult imagining myself walking into that job interview prior to Making Creativity Work. If anyone wants a job in the creative media and isn’t sure how to go about it, I couldn’t recommend anywhere better than the Bauer Academy.