Naomi Oiku

Genevieve Potter - 21st September 2017

Before I started participating with the Bauer Academy, I studied a degree in Media Culture and Production at Southampton Solent University. I was then elected to be the Students’ Union President for two years. After my time in Southampton, I went travelling and when I came back I saw the amazing courses that Bauer Media were offering to young people who aspire to work in the creative industry. I have always had a passion to work in radio and volunteered at my student radio station and I currently volunteer at the Student Radio Association. I applied for jobs when I got back from travelling and the responses were that I needed more industry experience, so I signed up to study Radio Production through the academy. I loved the course so much that I signed up to Making Creativity Work and I also participated in the Multimedia Journalism course. The courses have enabled me to learn transferrable skills for a job in the media.

Whilst studying the courses, the lecturers were really friendly and supportive and I felt confident to ask questions in class and I had no problems at all. I would definitely recommend the courses to friends because I personally feel that they have given me the confidence to pursue a career in radio and not feel deflated when I get rejections. There are so many barriers to get into the industry and the advice I received about how to structure job applications have certainly helped me get interviews. When I applied for jobs I always wrote about my experience and what I could bring to the role without actually showing my knowledge and understanding of the company I was applying for, so doing more research about them beforehand certainly helped me get more interviews.

I am pleased to say that after finishing my time with the Bauer Academy, I am starting a full time job as the Student Media and Digital Producer at the University of Westminster Students’ Union. With thanks to Simon Long I’m also now involved with the KISS FM street team so I can gain more experience promoting a successful commercial radio station. I have been getting involved with some radio production work at Roundhouse Radio and Michelle Mackay has kindly put me in contact with a Producer from Absolute Radio who I have recently met and discussed ways I can get involved and build on my radio production skills. I can’t thank the Bauer Academy enough for their support and advice over the past couple of months. They gave me the reassurance to be persistent and work towards my dream, which is now becoming a reality.