Richard Taylor

Genevieve Potter - 14th September 2017

Richard Taylor, Making Creativity Work Student and Freelance Writer

I really didn’t believe that my life would change with the click of a button. It’s one of those things isn’t it; a cliché that your life really can change in small moments. However, since applying, being accepted and completing courses with Bauer Media at their Academy, I know my life will never be the same again.

When I walked through the door at their old offices in Endeavour House on Shaftesbury Avenue, everything just felt right. There were still nerves and I had a feeling of uncertainty but the staff that were there to greet me and the other students were so welcoming and friendly that it put me at ease immediately. Making Creativity Work – the mantra of the academy – is fitting as from the outset, we were expanding our creative knowledge and challenging the boundaries that we thought we had to live by. But it wasn’t just a case of being creative for the sake of it. Throughout my time with the academy, I’ve learnt to harness and channel my creative juices and bring them together to form a cohesive and flowing current of ideas and inspiration. Furthermore, I now know how to get my ideas out and into the real world in situations where I can start to earn a living from them. I know for a fact that had I not participated on one of the courses I wouldn’t be able to say that I have a paid article that’s been published in The Guardian*. The skills and knowledge I gained from the tutors on the course has been invaluable and will carry me forwards in whatever I choose to do next.

And this is all fantastic and amazing, but one thing that I’d say is even more important than knowledge or skills – and something that can’t be taught – is self-belief. I personally have struggled with this a lot, finding it difficult to motivate myself, to push myself and to believe I am good enough. We all have crises of confidence and in the media industry, half the battle when starting out seems to be needing to have this immense sense of confidence. This is where the tutors at the academy and all the staff that make the academy work excel; they have helped me to build my sense of self-worth and belief as well as my self-esteem. This is essential to thrive and survive in this business because a lot of the time, you must rely on your initiative and instinct to get the job done and deliver.

If you’ve got creative ideas and know that you want to let the world see them, never give up. Hold on to them and use them, share them and work with other people to show them to the world. When you find self-belief – and here comes another super-useful cliché – the world really is your oyster. Bauer Media Academy gave me the support and guidance I needed to believe in myself and make creativity work for me. You can read Richard’s recent piece in The Guardian here