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Senior Leader with Digital Strategy



Senior Leader with Digital Strategy

Level 7 Leadership Programme


Our Senior Leader with Digital Strategy programme is designed to empower leaders and managers looking to develop their digital strategy skills and improve their leadership capabilities. From cultivating a thriving hybrid workplace, to using artificial intelligence in your workflow, this 18-month course provides a comprehensive toolkit for a good leader in the modern workplace, now and in the future.

Our next open cohort starts 18th October 2023.

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Programme overview

The Senior Leader with Digital Strategy programme is a Level 7 (postgraduate) apprenticeship, designed to enhance your skills in digital strategy, leadership and change management. The programme content is designed to fit into your day-to-day tasks, so that you can apply the knowledge you gain and see immediate benefits.

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Key benefits

  • Develop digital strategy skills
  • Harvest the power of hybrid working and AI
  • Gain the latest industry insight
  • Collaborate and network
  • Industry-recognised qualification
  • Programme developed by subject experts
  • Can be fully funded by the Apprenticeship Levy
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Who is it for?

Being a leader in the modern workplace is so much more than just managing a team.

This programme benefits business leaders and those in managerial positions looking to develop strategic leadership for an increasingly digital world and workplace. The course will equip leaders with the knowledge, skills, behaviours, and tools to maximise the performance of every team, with the focus on hybrid working and unprecedented economic and social change.

Supported by theory and the latest industry insight, you will learn how to seize opportunities and navigate risks in response to fast-paced digital developments. Artificial Intelligence is a constant theme, ensuring leaders understand how A.I. relates to all aspects of their leadership journey. This programme enhances personal effectiveness and resilience, ensuring today’s leaders are ready for tomorrow.

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Assessment and Qualifications Gained

Regular on-programme assessment includes reports, presentations, project work, research assignments and the development of a portfolio of evidence.

The End Point Assessment at the end of the programme consists of:

  • Strategic business proposal – including a presentation with questioning
  • Professional discussion – based on a review of a portfolio of work completed during the programme

After successfully completing this programme, learners will be awarded the industry-recognised level 7 Senior Leader Apprenticeship certificate, which demonstrates their expertise and skills in digital strategy and leadership.

Rachel Gillett - Head of Leadership, Bauer Academy

“Across all of our leadership subjects, digital has never been as important as it is today. We’re seeing increasing demands on leaders to know how to use tools to improve efficiency and collaboration, make decisions on best practice for hybrid teams and respond to emerging trends that are evolving at pace, such as artificial intelligence. Successful individuals need to consider the impact, and opportunities, of digital in all aspects of their leadership. They need to understand digitised interactions, embrace new technologies and be aware of emerging trends. Leaders who can identify the opportunities that digital offers are likely to see their teams thrive in increasingly digital ways of working.”

Programme modules

Topics covered are mapped to the key knowledge, skills and behaviours set out within the Apprenticeship Standard. All are viewed through the lens of digital developments and Artificial Intelligence trends and tools. The programme includes:

Leading Yourself First

Explore the foundations of leadership in the digital age. Compare traditional models with modern insights while developing your own emotional intelligence, resilience and self-awareness.

Cultivating High Performing Teams

Create high performance, agile and collaborative teams within an increasingly hybrid, remote and technologically advanced workplace.

Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurialism

Enhance your creativity and problem-solving skills with the latest techniques, tools and strategies.

Change Management

Learn to implement change in your workplace using a technique that works for you. Gain key insights and tools to manage resistance to change.

Organisational Strategy

Discover the principles of organisational strategy. Research and analyse current trends, new market strategies and changing customer needs using the latest technology.


Learn financial strategies, legal requirements and decision-making processes. Develop budgets and apply your learnings to improve practices within your organization.

Developing Collaborative Relationships

Inspire others to work together in a hybrid or remote workspace. Become confident in negotiating with stakeholders and managing your brand.

Organisational Resilience & Sustainability

Find out more about corporate social responsibility, risk management, environmental impact, and cyber security. Explore ethics and values-based leadership.

James Stanley - SPI Manager, Hits Radio

"My apprenticeship has allowed me to delve into new management styles, understand emotional intelligence like never before, and how to benefit from great time management methods for others and personally. Most importantly, it helped me understand the importance of a team when it comes to leadership."

How is the content delivered?



  • 8 modules over 18 months
  • 4 remote workshops every 2 months (3h each)

Independent Learning

Independent Learning

Independent learning supported by multimedia course content, e-learning and webinars



Topic-specific assignments linked to upcoming assessments

Progress Calls

Progress Calls

Regular progress calls with a professional Bauer Academy programme leader

Industry Summits

Industry Summits

Access to industry summits on digital advancements and emerging trends

Why Bauer Academy?

Government certified

We are a government-registered training provider and a Centre of Excellence.

Based in industry

We are a part of Bauer Media, one of the world’s largest media businesses with brands such as KISS, Absolute, Grazia and Empire.

Over 60 clients

We work with over 60 clients, including BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Tik Tok, and Ogilvy


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