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Genevieve Potter - 21st September 2017

More so than practical skills and vocational exercises, Making Creativity Work taught me the how to embrace the cognitive aspect of success, how to believe in myself and learn from failures to improve and be as good as I can be.

I enrolled on the Content Production course in July, shortly after completing an intensive five-month NCTJ journalism course, and having a few years in and out of the radio industry, both presenting and producing, after graduating from university.

I felt that even though I’d been taught a lot of the course content before from my time in university and work, it was a great way to refresh and learn new techniques from industry professionals with a wealth of experience.

The supportive environment that comes with Making Creativity Work was also a huge factor in what I took from the course. Being around like-minded people and not feeling pressured to get things right first time or embarrassed to make mistakes really gave me confidence to try new things and get out of my comfort zone.

Although the course only lasted two weeks, I feel that the people I met, both students and staff, will be friends and contacts long into the future.

The post-course support has also been fantastic. I’ve received regular updates about future master-class courses and job opportunities, as well as personal feedback from staff. I feel this sets Making Creativity Work apart from similar courses.

I can only speak about my experience on Making Creativity Work in a positive light and would encourage anyone, of any skill-set, who wants to work in radio presenting or production to apply, embrace the experience and take as much as they can from it. A huge chunk of what I learned and took from the course can’t be bought or gained without being around these people and adapting your mind-set.