The Importance of Learning New Skills

Genevieve Potter - 12th July 2019

World Youth Skills Day 2019

In November 2014 the United Nations declared that the 15th July would be marked as World Youth Skills Day as a way to promote the issues facing the 1.2 billion young people aged 15-24.

1.2 Billion, that’s 16 percent of the global population.

Unemployment rates in the UK for 16-24 year olds are comparatively low to previous years at 11.5%, but that still equates to nearly half a million young people who aren’t in any sort of employment or education.

These figures don’t take into account the high numbers of young people who are underemployed, on zero hours contracts or lacking the skills and support to progress from lower level, lower quality jobs. Young women especially are statistically more likely to be underemployed, underpaid or in insecure work.

The benefits of learning new skills

Developing the skills of young people is integral to building a sustainable future for them and the creative economy. At The Bauer Academy we are committed to inspire, engage and educate young people to help them develop.

Our industry Tutor, Ali Wilkinson talks about why learning new skills are hugely important:

“Learning new skills, whether while you’re young or later in life, is important for gaining new experiences, building self-confidence and understanding what you’re passionate about. Taking time to think about what you enjoy and where your strengths lie will help you when it comes to making decisions about the type of job and career you want to have. It’s so important to approach a job with energy and enthusiasm so finding a role that suits your skills and speaks to your passions will help you build a career you’re proud of.

New skills also make you more employable. Job descriptions nowadays typically demand a wide variety of skills as employers want to attract multifaceted, talented people to their company. The more skills you can demonstrate, and the more experience you can show, the more appealing you are to prospective employers.

It’s also a great chance to meet new people and build up your network of contacts. Connections are incredibly useful when starting out in a career because you can reach out to people for support and guidance. Meeting people within your desired industry can be invaluable for getting advice on important aspects of the application process, from how to structure your CV to simply which member of a company to get in touch with. This is all starts with throwing yourself into new experiences and developing new skills.

Last but not least, new challenges, new skills and new experiences are all confidence building. Whether you’re meeting new people or developing a new technical skill, stepping out of your comfort zone into new areas helps you to learn and develop self-confidence. Confidence in yourself and your abilities plays an essential role when it comes to scenarios like a job interview or networking event. People invest in people, so being able to clearly talk about your experiences helps build relationships with prospective employers.”

Start learning new skills

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