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Short Courses

Enhance team performance with our range of short courses

In a rapidly evolving professional landscape, work-based learning is becoming a pivotal driver in shaping the success of an organisation and its attractiveness as a destination employer.

Our short courses are carefully designed to address critical areas of development that will enable your business to thrive. They’ll offer tactile training with lasting impact, fostering high performance within individuals and their teams.

With each of our courses, learning builds over a series of ninety minute interactive workshops and concludes with a facilitated ‘learn and apply’ support session to surface key learnings and enable participants to articulate, shape and define actions to take forward.

We can work with employers to adjust the delivery model to suit, and pricing can be supplied upon request.

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Course: Creativity & Innovation Cultures

In a rapidly changing global landscape, the ability to creatively problem solve and innovate is vital to the success and sustainability of an organisation. This course focuses on developing key skills in individuals and across teams to enable learners to develop their own creativity, providing strategies, techniques, and tools to develop their problem-solving skills and their approach to challenges faced within the workplace. Sessions will explore how to develop a creative and inclusive culture with increased collaboration, agility, smart risk-taking and entrepreneurship.

Workshop topics:

  • Understanding Innovation: Understand innovation theories and frameworks (incl. and how to evaluate innovation against management and business models.
  • Innovation Cultures: Explore how to develop a culture of innovation and support ‘intrapreneurialism’ to create innovative entrepreneurs within an organisation.
  • Creative Collaboration: Assessing the latest tech, trend and tools for collaborative practices including Design Thinking practices, Microsoft Teams functions and Miro.
  • Design Thinking: Explore this popular framework to generate innovative solutions, adopted by large companies such as Apple and Google.
  • Effective Brainstorming: Identify and explore additional creative thinking techniques including Design Thinking, Brains Sprints, Empathy Maps and more​.
  • Learn & Apply Huddle – Creativity & Innovation Manifesto: In a facilitated environment, bring all learning together to create a personal ‘Creativity & Innovation’ action plan encompassing key themes to take back into the workplace.

Optional Addition: Lego Serious Play
The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method uses Lego to help teams think more creatively and is used by organisations across the world as a tool for strategic thinking.  Whether it’s for goal setting, team building, idea generation, problem-solving, decision making or working towards a shared vision; unleash your creative side and discover new ways to think differently.

Course: Making Wellbeing Work

Fostering a culture of Wellbeing benefits organisations and individuals, helping prevent stress and creating positive working environments where individuals and organisations thrive.  Further, wellbeing can be a core enabler of engagement and performance, so this course covers core wellbeing competencies, culminating in attendees creating their own wellbeing development plan to take forward into their roles.

Workshop topics:

  • Cultivating Optimism: Explore how to manage setbacks and develop a positive (or growth) mindset to improve wellbeing and productivity.
  • Cultivating Gratitude: Identify the links between gratitude and wellbeing and explore tips and skills to enhance gratitude in daily life.
  • Cultivating Resilience: Understand what resilience means, the core components of resilience thinking and behaviour and identify tips for boosting resilience long term.
  • Cultivating Confidence: Understand what confidence is, know more about your own self-confidence, identity positive behaviours (including the development of a Growth Mindset and soliciting feedback) and ways to boost self-confidence going forward.
  • Coaching Yourself: Develop the core coaching skills of listening, questioning and being present to create space for yourself to explore options and solutions to daily pressures.
  • Learn & Apply Huddle – Your Wellbeing Plan: Bring all learning together in a facilitated and supportive environment to create a personal wellbeing plan encompassing all key themes to take back into the workplace.

Course: Long Distance Leader

All teams,​ irrespective of location, can work by the same values and commit to the same mission.  However,​ this doesn’t happen naturally, it takes deliberate action and effort from a leader to create the right culture for​ dispersed teams.  Post-pandemic, the ‘new normal’ provides the perfect opportunity to reset values so this course looks at the leadership shifts that are proving helpful for managing teams in a hybrid world.

Workshop topics

  • Visible Leadership: Trust and togetherness are imperative to support engagement and productivity in hybrid environments. This workshop looks at how long-distance leaders can role model effective behaviours to establish trust, the essential glue for any hybrid team.
  • Effective Goal Setting: Goal setting is the most effective way to maintain productivity and performance, so this workshop supports long-distance Leaders to move to more frequent goal setting with a greater focus on empowering employees to determine how they get to (and take ownership) of outcomes.
  • Team Rituals: It can be hard to maintain a culture of collaboration in hybrid teams, but Team Rituals help.  This workshop surfaces the shared experiences (or healthy team habits) that strengthen bonding, morale, and communication – and maintain a sense of connectedness and belonging.
  • A Coaching Approach: From casual moments to structured one-to-ones, the ability to effectively coach others​ is business critical when leading dispersed teams.  Coaching sets expectations, unlocks talent, and​ drives performance so this workshop explore useful frameworks to help long-distance leaders delegate decision making and empower disparate teams.
  • Agile Mindsets: To succeed in an ever-changing hybrid world, teams must cultivate an agile mindset; a thought process that involves understanding, collaborating, learning, and staying flexible to achieve high-performing results.  By combining the agile mindset with the tools already explored, hybrid teams are ready for the only constant – change.
  • Learn & Apply Huddle – Long Distance Leader Action Plan: Bring all learning together in a facilitated and supportive environment to create an action plan encompassing all key themes to take back into the workplace.
Owen - Bauer Academy learner

”I feel like I’ve developed the confidence to try new things which we learn on the course. I’m able to change the way I work instantly based on what I learn.”

Course: High Performing Sales Teams

This course is designed to equip sales professionals and teams with the essential skills and strategies needed to excel in today’s competitive sales landscape. Participants will explore the foundations of building high-performing sales teams, master the sales process from prospecting to closing, and learn effective communication techniques for building strong client relationships. A significant focus will be on developing negotiation skills, from basic principles to advanced tactics, ensuring participants can navigate complex sales scenarios successfully. The course also integrates the latest in technology and data analytics, enabling sales teams to leverage these tools for improved performance and outcomes.

Workshop topics:

  • Foundations of High Performing Sales Teams: This workshop explores the key elements that contribute to the success of sales teams, including team structure, roles, and effective goal setting, to ensure alignment and peak performance.
  • Mastering the Sales Process: Participants will learn the stages of the sales process, from identifying potential leads to successfully closing deals, with a focus on strategies that enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Effective Communication and Relationship Building: This session emphasises the importance of building trust and rapport with clients through active listening and empathetic communication, key to fostering long-term relationships.
  • Introduction to Negotiation Skills: Introduces the basics of negotiation within sales, including preparation, understanding buyer motivations, and strategies for achieving mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Advanced Negotiation Strategies: Delving deeper into negotiation, this workshop covers sophisticated techniques and psychological tactics to overcome challenges and close more complex deals.
  • Leveraging Technology and Data in Sales: Explores how sales teams can enhance their performance through the strategic use of CRM tools, data analysis, and technology, making data-driven decisions to boost sales outcomes.

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Course: Best Professional Self

This engaging short course is designed for individuals eager to elevate their professional persona and consistently ‘show up’ as their best professional selves. In today’s rapidly evolving and challenging professional landscape, mastering essential skills is not just an advantage – it’s a necessity for both individual and team success. These essential skills support individuals and teams to do their best work.

Workshop topics:

  • Cultivating Confidence: Understand what confidence is, know more about your own self-confidence, identity positive behaviours (including the development of a Growth Mindset and soliciting feedback) and ways to boost self-confidence going forward. ​
  • Presentation Skills: Clear and persuasive communication is integral to success and the ability to present with authority and precision is essential. This workshop will explore tools and techniques to help participants approach presenting with confidence, articulate messages with purpose and impact and reframe nervous energy.
  • Coaching Yourself: The session is designed to help you develop the core coaching skills of listening, questioning and being present to create space for yourself to explore options and solutions to daily pressures.
  • The Art of Listening: Improved listening and self-awareness can lead to better decision-making, enhanced communication, and a more profound understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses. This workshop explores these skills and how they help us become more focused, confident, and adaptable.
  • Thinking Time: This workshop will provide participants with actionable strategies for time management and prioritisation, enhancing personal and professional productivity.  By the end of the session, participants will have a well-rounded understanding of key techniques and frameworks and feel equipped to enhance their time management and prioritisation skills.
  • Learn & Apply Huddle – Best Professional Development Plan: Bring all learning together in a facilitated and supportive environment to create an action plan encompassing all key themes to take back into the workplace.

Course: Senior Leadership – High Performance Cultures

Over four modules, delivered across two full or four half-days, this course for Senior Leaders operating at a strategic level, identifies the drivers of high performance and best-practices to cultivate and maintain high-performing cultures.

Workshop topics:

  • How leaders can exploit four levers of influence to raise team performance and generate ‘discretionary effort’.
  • How to foster self-organising and self-sufficient teams informed by theoretical insights.
  • How to build engagement and develop agile and collaborative cultures with best-practice tools (incl. goal setting, role modelling, situational leadership, and coaching).
  • Reflect on learnings and identify actions to take forward in the business in a facilitated environment, concluding with a Personal Commitment (what action will you take, why does this make a difference to your leadership and for those around you?).

Optional Addition: 121 Executive Coaching
With a team of accredited coaches, Bauer Academy can offer one-to-one executive or c-level coaching to support individuals to identify goals linked to business strategy and take meaningful steps towards them

Course: Mid-Level Leadership – Core Principles

Middle managers are often the glue that holds an organisation together, connecting the big ideas from senior management and turning them into actionable directions for the workforce. Imagine being a conductor of a workplace orchestra making sure everyone is in sync and playing the right tune.  They translate organisational vision into actionable steps, bridge communication gaps, nurture talent and foster a culture of collaboration and support. With six workshops, split across three modules, this course surfaces leadership best-practice by exploring trust, influence, role-modelling, leadership styles, team development, drivers of high-performance, coaching and conflict management.

Module 1 – Leading Yourself: For individuals to become more aware of their own authentic leadership style and feel empowered to own their onward personal development.

  • We start by encouraged individuals to reflect and conduct a personal SWOT analysis and understand the role of personal storytelling to articulate own leadership. This session will also explore the power of emotional intelligence to improve self-awareness, increase accountability, foster communication, and build trusting relationships.
  • Leaders need to constantly adapt to the needs of their team and situations. This workshop increases awareness of where to adapt through exploring leadership style, situational leadership, and role-modelling behaviours.

Module 2 – Leading Others: Being able to manage teams is a vital skill for all managers, and this module will encourage consideration of team dynamics, goal setting, coaching, influence, and other drivers of high performance.

  • Managers with coaching skills can empower their teams to become more pro-active, independent and goal orientated. This session will equip learners with coaching frameworks and show how to develop a culture of feedback.
  • Teams form in stages are therefore unique; this workshop explores how teams form and evolve and the drivers of continuous high performance. Attendees will learn how to assess own team stage and take the relevant practical steps to sustain performance.

Module 3 – Leading in the Organisation: Managers have responsibility for operational day-to-day management of processes, and this module equips them with tools to increase efficiency and drive.

  • Embracing change and honing change management skills not only benefits an organisation but also ensures the professional growth of leaders themselves. This workshop explores change management theory and the benefits of developing an agile mindset in teams.
  • This final workshop builds & boosts confidence, by exploring the most effective ways to communicate with teams and explores the fundamentals of conflict management including techniques to handle difficult conversations.

Optional Addition: 3 x ‘Learn & Apply’ Support Sessions
Sitting separately to the workshops, 1-hour ‘learner-led’ reflective sessions can be facilitated by Bauer Academy at the end of each module to surface learnings, drive peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and help to define and confirm actions or further support needs.  These additional sessions provide an opportunity for senior leaders to attend, gain feedback and aid application of learning back into the business.

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