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Day Courses

Upskill with 1 day courses in leadership, presenting, journalism and content creation

Our 1 day online courses with industry expert tutors are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in an ever-evolving professional landscape. We understand people learn best when the knowledge is applied in action, and that’s why our courses embrace a fully interactive approach, leaning on our tried and tested ‘learn and apply’ philosophy.

These courses are open to all, whether you’re a beginner in the field or a seasoned professional looking to expand your skill set. We offer workshops in leadership, presenting, journalism and content creation that will future-proof your career.

Take a look at our upcoming workshops below or contact us for more information.

Mobile news application

Journalists: Unlock the potential of your newsroom!

  • Solutions Journalism – February 27th 2024
  • Data Journalism – May 22nd 2024
  • AI in the Newsroom – June 11th 2024

10am to 5pm, online via Microsoft Teams

Future-proof your career and discover the latest trends in journalism with our day courses delivered by Head of Journalism Andrew Greaves. Whether you’re looking to embrace AI in the newsroom or produce content from data sets, our courses are sure to take your journalism career to the next level.

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Harnessing AI for business

19th March 2024, 10am to 5pm, online via Microsoft Teams

Step into the future of industry with our transformative course on Artificial Intelligence integration.

In an increasingly competitive world, AI can become a unique advantage that will future-proof your business. This workshop will demystify AI and provide practical frameworks for its implementation.

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Digital Marketers: Discover powerful marketing strategies and plans

20th March 2024, 10am-5pm, online via Microsoft

This course helps brands engage today’s digital customer by helping delegates understand the shifts in consumer behaviours to deliver powerful marketing strategies. It aims to equip learners with knowledge of emerging and current tech platforms, as well as industry best practice.

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Presenting Masterclass – with a leading on-air radio presenter!

15th April 2024, 10am to 5pm, online via Microsoft Teams

This masterclass, with a Bauer Academy programme lead boasting over a decade of ‘on-air’ radio presenting experience, will help you to unleash naturalistic storytelling and communication skills.

You will explore some classic acting techniques and increase your confidence for delivery in any situation, developing your ability to present captivating and engaging narratives.

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Coaching with Impact

2nd May 2024, 10am to 5pm, online via Microsoft Teams

Coaching can support your employees to improve and take pride in their work, leading to higher job satisfaction and increased productivity.

With our one day course, your organisation can empower employees to be more effective communicators, leaders, and problem solvers, ultimately contributing to a more positive and productive workplace.

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A business meeting with managers

High-Performing Middle Management

5th June 2024, 10am to 5pm, online via Microsoft Teams

Middle managers play a vital role in businesses. They are the people we call upon to translate company messaging to make impact at departmental levels. Middle managers are there to support and motivate
their teams. It’s middle managers who can turn goals
from concepts to reality.

Our course focuses on the demands we place on middle managers, then gives them practical tools to succeed. Through understanding the role of storytelling and translation, they can understand how to align their teams to their company’s mission.

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Content Creator:
Up your social media game!

19th August 2024, 10am to 5pm, online via Microsoft Teams

For “Insta-worthy” top tips or ideas on how to create eye-catching content to stop doom-scrollers in their tracks.

The Content Creator course outlines some of the key best practice and aims to get you thinking differently, about how you interact with your audiences and create engaging social content.

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