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Our Mission

About Bauer Academy

Bauer Academy is Bauer Media’s Centre of Excellence, developing bespoke solutions to create impactful cultures, solve skills issues, and support business transformation.

We proudly deliver services to Bauer’s people across 14 countries and customised solutions to over 60 clients. Originally established as a pipeline for diverse talent, we are now a market leader, specialising in organisational effectiveness and learning & development.

Our award-winning team of passionate industry experts collaborate with employers to create solutions that improve performance and enhance culture, with data driven results.


We’re focused on cultural transformation – not just skills development.

We understand the growing need to bridge digital skills gaps and build high-performing teams. We know inclusive workplaces must enhance wellbeing and grow resilience, demanding solutions that empower a disparate workforce. That’s why we’ve established our unique co-creation services and a learn-and-apply approach. Ultimately, aligned to business strategy, we develop cultures where people connect, collaborate, and thrive. Our inclusive learning communities embed values and bring people together across organisational boundaries.

Our learning solutions

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Our mission statement

We are here to create educational change.

We passionately believe it’s in the interests of learners and employers that education evolves.

We contribute to this journey by challenging the status quo, finding creative solutions, developing collaborations, and taking risks.

We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence and unapologetic about placing the learner first.

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Our philosophy

We focus on work-based learning, adopting a ‘learn, apply, reflect’ philosophy that creates learning cultures where latest thinking is applied in the workflow, and learning communities where people are brought together across organisational boundaries.

Our approach is proven to improve individual and team performance whilst creating strong learning communities and cultures.

Our commitments

Colleagues of different ages, ethnicities, genders and faiths working together on a project

Passionately Inclusive

We are passionately inclusive and strive to level the playing field for under-represented groups and create meaningful pathways for those already in work, supporting diversity and inclusion strategies as much as possible. Our learning environments are safe and welcoming and our teaching methods are adapted to suit all types of learners.

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Finding Talent

We are committed to mobilising people into work with our community and partner projects. For over a decade, we have proudly partnered with organisations including the Prince’s Trust, Rank Foundation, Creative Skillset, Big Lottery and others to successfully identify and develop talent for the creative industries across the UK.

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Sustainability Promise

We recognise that Bauer Academy activities have environmental and social impacts. As a team, we aim to develop effective sustainability practices and environmental improvements wherever we can.

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Create lasting cultural transformation with our work-based learning solutions

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